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White fillings

Even with a great oral hygiene routine and regular check-ups, many people end up needing a filling at some stage in their life. This is usually the result of tooth decay or trauma, such as an accident which has resulted in a damaged tooth.

White fillings are popular with many of our patients. These fillings are made from bonded composite materials which can be altered to match the colour of your existing teeth. White fillings provide a durable solution to tooth decay or injury, with an added bonus that they tend to have a more natural look than older types of fillings.

At Dulwich Dental, we can also replace any amalgam (silver) fillings you may have. These can sometimes make it harder to spot tooth decay because they show up opaque on x-rays and can cause the tooth to crack or chip depending on the size of the amalgam filling.

If you think you need a filling or would like to have a silver filling replaced, contact our experienced team for an appointment.

Endodontic treatment (root canal therapy)

At Dulwich Dental, we believe that retaining your own teeth is better than extraction. That’s why we aim to save and restore your teeth whenever possible.

Our dentists use endodontic treatment (sometimes more commonly known as ‘root canal therapy’) to salvage severely infected teeth which would have likely required extraction in the past. Your teeth contain so-called “pulp” at the root of the tooth, which can become infected if decay isn’t addressed. A dental pulp infection or other issue requiring root canal therapy can cause a number of symptoms, including:

Wisdom teeth removal*

Wisdom teeth usually erupt during your late teens or early 20’s on either side of the upper and lower jaw. For some people, they cause no complications at all; in other cases, they can cause problems if there is insufficient room in the jaw. If there is not enough room, the wisdom teeth may only partially erupt and make it difficult to properly take care of your dental hygiene – which can lead to decay or gum infection.

Crowded wisdom teeth can rub against the cheek and cause discomfort and even chewing problems. They can also push against the other teeth and affect the bite severely. In such cases, it is usually recommended to remove the wisdom teeth.* 

For particularly anxious patients, or during more complex procedures, a general anaesthetic can be administered. General anaesthetics carry their own risks, and you should consult with your doctor before making a decision. 

Treatments for TMJ disorders

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction is a common problem, but it may not be immediately obvious to you that something is wrong. The TMJ joint connects the jaw with the skull. We use this joint on a daily basis to perform functions such as chewing, swallowing, talking, yawning, coughing, breathing and sneezing. As a result, a problem within this joint can sometimes cause pain, discomfort and fatigue. Common symptoms of a TMJ disorder can include sore or stiff muscles around the jaw and ears, grinding your teeth, clicking or locking of your jaw when you open or close your mouth (hence the common term “lockjaw”), clenching, and difficulty using your front teeth to bite or tear food. 

For those with TMJ disorders, the severity of symptoms can vary greatly, which often means the recommended treatments can be just as varied. Treatments may include wearing a splint, plate or fixture either during the day or at night time in order to realign the jaw.

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Kathy Fletcher

Practice Manager
Kathy has been an integral part of the practice for over 10 years. Her approachable and empathetic nature help create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for patients. She loves her team and is passionate about supporting them build strong relationships with patients.

Luisa Escalante

Oral Health Therapist

Bachelor of Oral Health. University of Newcastle 

Luisa has worked in the dental industry for over a decade and has been a dental practitioner for over 6 years. She has a particular interest in preventative dentistry and believes that oral health is an integral part of overall health. Luisa prioritises her patient’s comfort, her caring and approachable manner help ease any anxiety. Luisa enjoys working with children and helping them create positive habits for life.

In her spare time, Luisa enjoys exercising, dancing and family gatherings.


Dr Isabel Drewling


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Dr Anshu Singh


Bachelor of Dentistry and Bachelor of Medical Science. The University of Sydney 

Dr Anshu Singh enjoys the fusion of art and science in dentistry. She values the importance of prevention and loves helping patients change habits to improve their health for the better.

Outside of work you’ll find Anshu reading, travelling and trying out new bars & restaurants.

Dr Ellis Vakirtzis


Dr Ellis Vakirtzis delivers professional and patient-oriented dental care for the whole family, with his gentle manner putting even the most anxious patients at ease. He takes the time to explain all options and develops a strong relationship with patients to better understand their needs.

Ellis has a Doctor of Dental Medicine and Bachelor of Medical Science from The University of Sydney, during which time he won the Dental Alumni Society Award II for proficiency in operative dentistry. He has a special interest in preventative dentistry, orthodontics, and implants, and as such has completed further training through Progressive Orthodontic Seminars (graduating with Highest Honours), Invisalign, and the Nobel Biocare Mentorship Program.

He also believes in finding a balance between work and play, so outside of the dental clinic you will find him on the golf course working on his slice, at the beach searching for that perfect wave to surf, or at the cafè with family and friends.

Dr John Vakirtzis

Outside of work he enjoys bike riding, tennis, brunching with his daughter and reading the Bible. 

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